Localization process using #Github & #Transifex


Hi to all I have been refining the process to upload resources to GitHub and connect the repositories to Transifex

Source… a cookbok repo:


Resource in Transifex page:


The process

  1. Pull or clone the repositories
  2. Convert the source to a PO file. I make this with Po4A
    1.  po4a-gettextize -f Text -M utf-8 -m README.md  -p /language/README.pot
    2. Rename the *.POT file to a XXX.lang.PO file . You should have to edit the header of the file... I don't do it ^_^
  3. Commit and Push the changes to GitHub
  4. Create the project on Transifex or add a resource to an existing project
  5. Edit the resources and in the field "URL SOURCE FILE" add the link of the RAW file *.PO in github. In this case https://raw.github.com/alvarmaciel/recetario/master/languajes/README.en.po

I hope this help to other to bring more documents to transifex and have the sources on Github